Wine and glass

The wine, according to his character needed a drink that meets their specifications.

The white wine from chardonnay require a glass with a rounded, large, and closing in order to keep the flavor.

Red wine from the pinot noir grape, wait for a glass round again, so that it can deliver more of its natural fruitiness.

In contrast, red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon lenses require higher and more tapered, to allow the wine to make it more approachable and can help to reveal a little more. Cabernet seemed at first very intimidated.

Each wine has its own personality, the extent of various forms of glass tends to widen.
The role of glass:

The glass, in addition to its aesthetic appeal is important, and this for several reasons. First, it allows the wine to reveal its finery.

Aromas speak more freely in large glasses and extensive than in small glasses, but narrow. La taille du verre, et son ouverture sont des éléments déterminants pour le vin. The size of the glass and openness are essential for the wine. Size is more important, better oxygenation. And, everyone knows the importance of ventilation to allow the fragrance to reveal himself.

The shape of glass, and its size determine the evolution and the reaction of wine at the tasting.

Some exemple:

Consider a white wine very dry, brittle, and Fluet. In a small glass, his nose will be discreet, little expression, but keep it lively in the mouth.

In a large glass, scents will be singing, evocative, and persistent. But after a few minutes of aeration, in such a glass, it may collapse, and losing what little he had consistency, fault oxygenation too brutal.

The example of a very old wine in Burgundy is speaking. A generic Bourgogne 1985, obviously very fragile, very mature, could be pushed into a glass tube too. The pinot noir is not a vine that supports easy oxidation.

In sum, the very large glasses can easily enable fine wines, with a solid backbone to reveal at best. The carafage is so little use, as long as the bottles were opened a little in advance to compensate for this act of ventilation. Especially since the big glasses allow a good oxygenation.

Large lenses are therefore oxygenation office, a wine carafe is to propose a double aeration, which could be harmful to the more fragile wines.

Some form of glass:

The Burgundy glass, rounded shape, it concentrates the flavors by allowing a relatively small ventilation due to a narrower open.The intense flavors and nature-friendly pinot noir performed very well in this form of glass.
The Bordeaux glass, more tapered, with a more open, allowing the wine to enjoy a beautiful oxygenation. Bordeaux are longer to open, acting as lords capricious. Sometimes rough tannins need time oxygenation in order to make them more comfortable.
Champagne glass, tapered to mirer the fireplace (the ascent of bubbles), it must not be overly sharpened, narrow, because we must not forget that the Champagne is primarily a wine.

Burgundy glass

However, I do not recommend cutting, very open, which batons Champagne in less time than it takes to say. Here is a perfect, tight at the base, expanding and having a slightly curved . The bubbles can be mirer and flavors flourish.

Champagne glass

Here INAO glass, glass absolute, the most universal, recognized by the famous Institut National des Appellations d'Origine, is everything. Il réunit tous les paramètres pour une dégustation de vins. It meets all the parameters for a wine tasting.

INAO glass


Choosing glasses is not something anodine.La form, the opening of the glass, are determining factors in selecting your hardware. And your most venerable bottles will thank you. And I do not mean your guests, who will be surprised by so much knowledge on your part. Because drink a good wine in remarkable glasses, the discovery of a great wine, is a moment of pure delight.

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